Monday, 8 July 2013

Fixing Blurry Images in Adobe Bridge

I've been using Adobe Bridge to browse my photos for a while and recently noticed that the images weren't very sharp.  I thought it was a problem with my lens or camera but it turns out it's a setting in Bridge which can be changed.  Basically the previews that Bridge generates are smaller than the screen size so they are resized to fit the screen resulting in loss of sharpness.  The setting below tells Bridge to create a preview with the same dimensions as the screen resulting in minimal loss of sharpness - there may be a slight degradation in quality in resizing the image.

Under the menu Edit/Preferences, and in the Advanced tab switch on 'Generate Monitor-Size Previews'

To enable recreation of the preview images go to the Cache tab of the same dialog and click Purge Cache.

This has made the preview images much sharper on my machine and I now no longer need to get a new lens, which is what I was thinking.. :o)

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