Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Compress folders into separate files using WinRar

If you have files/folders you don't use very often it can be handy to compress and file them so they don't take up valuable disk space.  You can use an application like WinRAR (or the free 7-Zip) to compress all selected folders into a single compressed file.

If there are a lot of files though it can be more convenient to have each folder in it's own compressed file.

WinRAR is able to do this (7-Zip is not).  If these were the folders

Selecting all the folders, then right-clicking and choosing the WinRAR menu 'Add to Archive'

Tick this option in WinRAR. (Put each file to separate archive)

This will put each folder into a separative file and you can then remove the original folders.


  1. Thanks a bunch! Just saved me 10 minutes worth of time :)

  2. Awesome. Worked like a charm. Thanks, Man

  3. Thank you very much! Saved my day!

  4. Exactly what what I am looking for. Thank you very much)

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